June 23, 2012

Mermaid Email

Do you know how many times I’d fall in love with you?
Your ocean sinking, weight unknown
I’ll step aside, wait it out
This sea again
Will change

June 20, 2012

Before, sketch

You rarely get the opportunity
to say goodbye to someone
for the last time
and know it.
A terrible girlfriend, maybe.
But not on a sunny day
Not when they smile back
Not in agreement
Not today.

June 10, 2012

It's Late

Here’s where those inventories
Make themselves known
Deep debt on the fence
Waiting for the night call


This is the wrong house
You brought me to the wrong house
Didn’t you know
Where you were going
I thought you knew
where you were going
You always told me
You had this part covered
I was supposed to cover
Another part
What was that part?
Listen, this place will be fine
Fine enough
Tell everyone goodnight
I am going to bed
The bed I thought was another bed
I thought it was another bed
I thought this was another house
I thought this was another place
I thought you had this part covered
I have been walking
Through the same land
In the same boots
I am what kind of fool
Thinking I
Would be
In another place

June 2, 2012

Bullshit Anniversaries

When a whale
washes dead
on your bathroom floor
let me tell you
you're going to need help
Think about who you call
You only have a minute
Then the windows
blow wide open
A march of investigation
People with jobs
you've only heard about
in your driveway
in your hall
up and down
notepads and stares
All night long
while you hide on the floor
in the farthest room
hurdled against