December 6, 2013

Last one and the last

You’ll curl in a circle
Your Stockholm syndrome showing
The back of your arm warmless
Iced inside a sheet
Kept empty these months
Now pulled back to arrange
Your absence

November 7, 2013


If an airplane 
was as quiet
as your bedroom
You could hear
the man crying 
in 12F
You'd get used to it though
He does this 
Every time

August 7, 2013

All my friends begin ghosts

As memories lit as             
Dreams in progress
Waked among waters
Found among us
A snow that starts
White data lossless

April 26, 2013

Not that part

The softest part of my body = the top of my right foot
Pale skin arc working bones names I forget
It’s the only section of the only organ I bear
Does not age God knows why
It receives the most severe angle of my concern
Lives beneath horrible shoes I force upon it
Does nothing to protest a shame I duty deliver
I touch it every night to remind me of its faith
To remember what I felt like when I was young

February 9, 2013


K was the worst kind of girlfriend. The kind that did drugs in bathrooms. The kind that joked about all the guys who hit on her. The kind that never had any girlfriends. The kind that came home late without apology, smelling wrong. We fell in love quickly, I pulled to the shoulder of the freeway for our first kiss and we slept that night on my new floor, under our breath’s blanket. Our romance stretched thin when she moved to take a false degree and a series of cooking jobs in New York. She got so broke. I stayed in her squatter’s flat where no one was ever home at dinnertime. Her room was walled in empty stainless steel restaurant shelves. She had one contact lens. She put it in her good eye, the other missed everything, the city invisible grey, spoiling around her. Late that winter I left her in an ice storm, windows spider frozen.

January 29, 2013


I’ve been seeking winter
But I think she’s avoiding me
It’s OK, I understand
She has a lot of things to do
Tell her she can come by anytime
I’ll wait for her dark entrance
Melting under melted earth

December 18, 2012

Toe Jam

In a corner of my life
I am with you
Not the corner
I am in
The other corner
In the corner