May 28, 2012

This spring sure beats last spring

I am nowhere
going nowhere
this machine
obeys to none
Its tendency
is toward water
where it washes
what I won

I am tired
growing tired
radish black
bitter thin
I want you warm
inside my hand
you grow away
clean and dim

May 4, 2012

Three sketches from a short flight

1 Hajj

This last flight
of the last pilgrim
An unexpected rain
the first desert's
skin felt
a dry century of visitors
a welcome wash
for almost all of us

2 Nests

Inside this envelope
is another envelope
The one I meant you to open
Also, ignore the envelope
inside that first envelope
It's meant
for someone else

3 Overheard

My wife is an artist
she's completely feng shui
So amazing what's bought
a market of
decisions delegations
this plane of promises
tuck your head between your knees
tell her goodbye
we will be landing soon
one way
or another