April 20, 2012

Known Discoveries

Quantum physics
some queer science
It says some thing
can be two things
at once
In two places
at once
and there
Not a problem
Stranger yet
when this thing moves
its lover particle
located in another universe
or in the room next door
against its will
or with it
doesn't matter
Like all discoveries
this has always been true
just recently known

Frankly, it explains so much
In the quantum universe
the one you
and I
may choose to believe in
this poem 
is also being written
by a hand 
of mine
it ends
the same
and different
with you
and present


April 4, 2012


I helped make that place
I disgraced that place
I see it empty
and I lay waste
its taste
is lost in mine
I unwrap your spine
in the light
I forget
what time
was mine