February 24, 2011

Rome to Palermo

In seat 23C, a soft, fuzzy teenage girl studies the laminated safety sheet.
Her younger brother in 23B copies her,
succeeding in getting the paper to hang from the folding tray.
Her hair is a lion
or like Samson's must have been,
she's examining her fingers slowly, one at a time.
She wears a checkered blue gingham shirt,
puffed sleeves,
white shorts,
slender silver bracelet,
a storm of sparkling blue eyeshadow.
The plane heaves to life
she leans her head back,
tells her brother
we are going.

February 22, 2011

Remind Me

When you exit
the subway in summer Manhattan,
clammy and
shrouded in filth,
there's a wave of wet heat
and an explosion
of flesh
wrapped and strapped
acres of skin,
and buildings,
what were you saying?

Red Hook

In late June
New York
you can smell
the weather
building in the harbor
Headed for the shelterless
it needs permission
to come ashore