January 5, 2012


Everybody has an opinion about New York
They tell them to me all the time
Never asking for mine
Well I have one too
I think New York has left
and it never said goodbye
it never waved
it never missed me
it’s not turning back
And my opinion is
New York is not going to have a good time of it
Unless it figures out
that it owes me an apology.

Everybody has an opinion about New York
They hear I’m from there
They tell me about my home
Who am I to say they’re wrong?
It’s not hard to be right
But I have an opinion too
I think New York is stealing things
money, sure, always
but also
and more
It has stolen everyone I’ve loved
New York has been at this for a long time
I can’t imagine where it puts all its treasure
It must have a huge garage in New Jersey
After all
I don’t think
I am the only one with this problem
But let’s be clear
I let New York do this
It’s our arrangement
for its opal eyes
tell me its nature is different
and secretly I love New York
So ignore my drama
The fault line in my opinions
Like everything else
Lies through me
Anyway, sometimes
New York trades stolen pieces back to me
in exchange for darkness
But when I wake up
They’re always gone.

Everybody has an opinion about New York
It starts
you live there?
I couldn’t possibly
I would love to
Then I know what’s coming
New York is this
New York is that
Watercolor accounts
of this four hundred year old city
of eight million people
ten thousand cabs
seven hundred thousand buildings
I understand the motivation
To summarize
To answer
To tell
After all
I have an opinion of my own
I am just waiting
For the right question.